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Late Night Stations for your Wedding Reception

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

A big trend in weddings today is to offer your guests a late night snack. After a long evening of drinking and dancing, your guests will appreciate the much needed fuel to keep them going long into the early morning hours. Your guests are here to have a good time and to help you celebrate your new union. Wedding guests can get caught up in the moment and they do not realize how much they have consumed. It is always best to be prepared and to have some food set out later in the evening to help curb the morning after hangover.

There are many different options for brides today. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Having food during dancing will help slow the body’s process of absorbing the alcohol so the spirits do not hit the body all at once. You can have something savory or you can have something sweet for them to indulge in. It is a special occasion after all! No matter what food you have, it’s important to have it taste deliciously and be displayed beautifully. Stay away from greasy snacks because that is going to make them even thirstier. It is nice to have miniatures or snacks that are easy to hold. At this point in the night, they want to grab it and get back to the dance floor.

A unique idea is a comfort food station like mac n’ cheese, mini sloppy joe’s, and cheesy potatoes. Mexican stations are fun, but can get a little messy. Who doesn’t love a taco or nacho bar and quesadillas? You cannot go wrong with an American station with miniature burger sliders or flatbread pizza. It is a classic late night snack.

Not every bride wants something savory late at night. This is a good time to indulge in that sweet tooth that you have been trying to control for months to fit into that gorgeous dress. Candy bars are fun, but there are other options to add a bit of surprise for your guests. With everyone raving about the “Cronut” craze in New York, you can offer your guests our signature Doughssants. A croissant-doughnut pastry with different toppings like cinnamon sugar and nutella, lemon curd with powdered sugar, or a seasonal fruit filling would be a delicious ending to a perfect day. If you are having a fall or winter wedding, a s’mores station is unexpected. Dessert bars with mini cheesecakes, dipped cookies, or brownies give your guests a nice variety to choose from. Cookies and Milk shooters will bring out that inner child and may be a more cost effective solution.

Want something savory and sweet? How about breakfast?! Mini pancakes, waffles or French toast bar will allow your guests to add their favorite toppings. Serve it with bacon and sausage and you have the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

Whatever you decide on, remember to keep it pretty. Make sure your venue has the staff to keep the station clean and refilled throughout the evening. Do not have them put everything out at once. This will make your station looked ‘picked over’ and unappealing within minutes. Use this opportunity to add something whimsical to your event. You can add specialty linens or fun themed props. Style it for the country you are going to for your honeymoon, or the country of origin for the food you are having.

A late night station can really show your personality and it doesn’t need to be over thought. The rest of the wedding adds enough stress so just have fun with it! Be sure to check out Coronado Ballroom’s Facebook or Pinterest for more ideas.

Good Luck Planning!
Chantal Cervantes

Vendor Spotlight: Millennium Productions

Monday, August 30th, 2010

There are so many great vendors in St. Louis that I love, but one specific company always goes above and beyond – Millennium Productions. Not only do they offer excellent customer service to our clients and outstanding options (where else in St. Louis can you book video, DJ, bands, lighting, AND design all at the same place?!) but they are great to work with from the vendor side also. I can trust them to show up on time, respect our venue, be flexible, and provide amazing services. They also understand the relationship and services we provide our clients and are great team players. It takes many vendors to pull off a seamless wedding reception and I know I can recommend them without hesitation or worry. Every time the Millennium Team arrives, I can rest assured that we’re going to have an amazing night.

Jaci Burgess, Catering Sales Manager for Steven Becker Fine Dining and the Coronado Ballroom