St. Louis Brides and St. Louis Engagement and Wedding Rings

After 26 years of wedding planning, I have seen quite a few engagement rings. St. Louis Brides have amazing rings and a whole new crop has popped up this year. It always tickles me to see the newly engaged couples walking in the doors of the Coronado Ballroom beaming and flashing the ring. Many St. Louis Brides ask me what my favorite ring style is and I am not sure if I have an answer…I guess that if I had to pick one, I would pick a 2.5 square cut diamond set in platinum with a matching wedding band of channel set square cut white and chocolate brown diamonds. But if I find true love and a big rock isn’t an option, I will be happy to wear my great grandfather’s art deco wedding ring with it’s tiny but brilliant diamond. It is a classic.
Many St. Louis Brides know that I value our historical wedding traditions and find many of our wedding customs sacred…the wedding cake dates to pre-Roman times and has been around for thousands of years. The flowers you choose in your bouquet should have meaning, and the style of china you select should reflect how you plan on entertaining as a couple. Wedding rings are one of the oldest symbols of love and commitment and be it simple or extravagant, to me it tells a story. We derive the term tying the knot from ancient history…it was believed that a man could control the spirit of a woman by tying cords around her made of braided grass. This evolved from the wrists, ankles and waist to around one finger…thus born a ring. It is believed that the vein in the third finger on the left hand, VENA AMORIS, leads directly to the heart. Even the stones in the ring have meaning and it was once an art and a statement to select a ring that spoke of your passion and fine qualities. Diamonds are precious and grant courage. Sapphires represent purity and are the color of the ocean and heaven. Emeralds symbolize faithfulness, immortality and youth and rubies represent the sun. The red fire of rubies insure health and guard the home. The rings of today are vastly different from the braided grass rings of our ancestors but I am sure that the significance could be no more important. Every St. Louis Bride likes to look down at her ring and see the promise of a beautiful wedding…hopefully a beautiful Coronado Ballroom wedding…and a future of possibilities. Whatever the size or style of your ring or wedding, I hope you find meaning in all the choices you make.
“Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter for the other.
Now each of you will feel no cold,
for each of you will be warmth for the other.
Now there is no loneliness;
now you are two persons but there is only
one life before you.”
-Apache Marriage Blessing

Rob Schaefer
Inaugural St. Louis Wedding Professional Hall of Fame Inductee

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