Customizing your Corporate Event

October 3rd, 2014

Olympic Themed Dessert Trio Olympic Themed Entry Olympic Themed Lunch

We recently hosted an Olympic themed corporate luncheon in the Bradshaw Room and the attending guests absolutely loved it!  With minimal decoration and focusing on some key elements, this event looked beautiful.  A special thank you to Personal Touches by Jeanetta Inc. for our décor.

I suggest starting with a statement entryway.  Allow the guests to feel like they are attending something special.  In this case, they walked between columns with faux torches and under large scale Olympic rings.  (Welcome to the Arena!)  The five tables reflected the five ring colors and had centerpieces which mimicked the Olympic torch.  Red, white and blue lighting coupled with red chair covers and metallic gold sashes gave the room a sporty, competitive feeling.  Iced sugar cookies (favors) with the guest’s name on them indicated their place setting and featured the Olympic rings as well.  The meal concluded with a fabulous dessert that featured a vertical balanced macaroon also featuring the Olympic rings design.  The continuity of the rings and ring colors reinforced the theme and that awards were given out to the highest achievers.  Medals were given to the awardees which looked like the ones given out at the Olympic games.

The Bradshaw Room can be transformed into any style of corporate event or color palate.  With a few well chosen props, lighting and menu, you can have a corporate breakfast, lunch or dinner that will win you the gold with your company.

Rob Schaefer – Event Champion

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