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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Lunches and Dinners

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

In order to protect the consumer, medical device and pharmaceutical companies now must comply with IMMPA (The Sunshine Act) when providing goods and services to physicians. Why is this such a big deal…let me provide an example.

John Q. Public Pharm Rep sells a certain type of wound gauze that may or may not be effective in the healing process. He knows that is he can get an entire hospital to use his product, he can make some serious money! John Q. Public Pharm Rep takes the hospital administrator to a lavish dinner, gives him some baseball tickets, and then sends his family a big screen tv…as an incentive to use his product and buys himself an in…


Beginning last year, companies must start tracking all direct and indirect payments made to physicians; the data will be published on a searchable federal database starting in September 2014. (Courtesy of Thinkstock)

How will the reporting process work?
Medical device and pharmaceutical companies will submit annual reports to CMS of “payments or other transfers of value” made to physicians or teaching hospitals. “Payments or other transfers of value” include the transfer of anything of value, although certain identified payments are excluded (such as those less than $10/$100 aggregate annual, certain educational materials, and in-kind items for charity care).

Under the Sunshine Act, the following information must be reported:
• the name and address of the physician
• the amount and date of the payment
• the form of the payment, such as cash or stocks
• the nature of the payment, such as consulting fees, gifts, or entertainment expenses

Payments of less than $10; incidental items—Payments of less than $10 do not need to be reported unless total payments to the physician exceed $100 annually. The $10 threshold will increase every year according to the consumer price index. Incidental items worth less than $10 (eg, pens and note pads) provided at large-scale conferences do not have to be reported, nor do samples or coupons intended for patient use.

Food and beverage allocations—If the per person cost exceeds the minimum threshold amount ($10 per event), companies must report the food and beverage as a payment or other transfer of value for each covered recipient who actually participates in the group meal. Companies do not have to track or report food or drinks, such as buffet meals or coffee, made generally available at a conference or large-scale event.

Not only does this affect the type of meal being provided and to whom it is being served, it controls the amount of alcohol consumed at the event and prevents anything given to the guests that could be construed as a bribe.

IMMPA keeps us (the consumer) safe!

Steven Becker Fine Dining and our facilities has IMMPA certification and can provide the peace of mind to our medical and device representatives that we will adhere to all regulations and proper billing procedures to protect their job. Call us today to book your next pharmaceutical dinner or provide lunch services to your clients.

Rob Schaefer
New Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate Recipient

Internship Opportunity at The Coronado Ballroom

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Trying to break into the event coordination or wedding planning business and need experience? Looking for a little extra for your resume?

Steven Becker Fine Dining and The Coronado Ballroom, a premier event facility and catering company in St. Louis is looking to hire an Events Coordinator Intern. We are currently looking for a talented, motivated, independent thinking and creative student or recent graduate for internship opportunities in our office. Internship days and hours are flexible, and can be worked around class, extra-curricular activities and work schedules.

Intern duties include, but are not limited to: answering phones, learning Caterease event management software, assisting with processing corporate catering delivery orders, assist with the planning and execution of all aspects of events and wedding receptions, marketing and eblast promotions and assisting Catering Managers at event sites. Candidates will work directly with the Director of Sales and Vice President of Catering and Design, along with the client, from first contact all the way through their event day to ensure that the details of their event go exactly as they dream. Applicants should be able to listen to instructions and carefully and correctly follow directions.

Please send resumes to Your resume should demonstrate the following qualifications:

Strong Interest in Industry ~ Applicants should have some previous event planning experience.

Personality ~ Applicants should be detail oriented, personable, assertive, motivated, independent, resourceful, quick moving and able to multi-task, good at handling objections and issues, have a great work ethic, and of course enjoy events!

Availability ~ Applicants must be available to work weekday evenings and up to 12 hours on Saturdays and/or Sundays during the event.


Friday, October 7th, 2011

Fundraising Gala to be Emceed by Former Blues Enforcer, Tony Twist. Retired Hockey Player is “Taking His Gloves Off” in the Pursuit of Love and Marriage for One Glamorous Evening.

WHAT: The St. Louis Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding, the world’s first non-profit wedding wish granting organization is holding its inaugural “Blissful Wishes” Ball to benefit its programs and mission. Monies raised during the evening will allow the organization to continue its mission of granting weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and other serious, life-altering circumstances. Local wedding industry professionals and founding board members, James Robert Schaefer and Nancy Slade are co-chairing the event.
Tony Twist, former left wing player for the St. Louis Blues and one of the heaviest NHL punchers of his time, will serve as the event’s emcee. Twist retired from the St. Louis Blues in 1999 after an eleven-year playing career. He is now a co-host of post-game shows after televised Blues games and is known for his charity and community work in the St. Louis area.

WHO: The St. Louis Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding is one of more than two dozen local chapters of Wish Upon a Wedding throughout the United States and was founded in March, 2010. The chapter granted its first wish on September 1, 2010 by making the dream of walking down the aisle and marrying her fiancé come true for a young Fenton women suffering from end-stage cystic fibrosis. The chapter has since granted two additional wedding wishes.
Nationally, the organization was founded by wedding planner Liz Guthrie of San Jose, CA, founded Wish Upon a Wedding to celebrate the courage, determination and spirit of these couples by granting dream-wedding wishes, with the intention that chosen recipients will inspire others facing similar situations. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and officially launched in January, 2010, the organization currently has more than two dozen chapters nationwide, and has granted approximately 20 wishes since its inception Wish Upon a Wedding is organized as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

WHERE: The Coronado Ballroom, 3701 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108.

WHEN: November 20, 2010 from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. Tickets to the event are $100 per person and may be purchased on-line at: Ticket price is $100 per person. The chapter is also seeking event sponsors and auction items. Please contact Nancy Slade, fundraising chair at For more information on Wish Upon a Wedding, please visit:

Saint Louis University Kappa Delta Sorority Etiquette Dinner by Rob Schaefer

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

It was my extreme pleasure to teach an etiquette course to the Kappa Delta Sorority here at the Coronado Ballroom. The ladies enjoyed a delicious multi-course dinner and received instruction on how to sit, unfold their napkin, and how and when to use each piece of flatware and glassware. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a group more as they were funny, charming and thoughtful. Standards of etiquette were created to make people FEEL COMFORTABLE, not UNCOMFORTABLE! They act as a guide and make you look professional and polished. The young ladies in attendance asked numerous questions and many of their concerns are still gray areas in the modern etiquette world. Hors d’ouevres today are more than pretty canapes, they are works of art. Unique presentations include shot glasses for soup, picks and demitasse spoons. The ladies asked that once the vessel is empty of food…what do you do with it? The one thing you never try to do is hand it back to the server who is presenting them…it is unsanitary and gross. So we learned how and what to do during the cocktail period.
Many brides, schools and companies are contacting me to teach etiquette courses. The current generation has been raised in a casual society. Many people have never been seated at a formal meal with more than one fork. Many people have no idea when it is appropriate to start eating or what side to pass items to…and the list goes on and on. In the super competitive job market today, luncheon interviews are more for observation than convenience. Seeing if you are courteous, calm, well-mannered and comfortable tells many employers what they need to know. If you slurp your soup, stab your lettuce and fail to pull out a chair for a lady, IT CLEARLY SAYS YOU WILL OFFER SLOPPY SERVICE TO THE COMPANY OR PRODUCT YOU REPRESENT. And I know many companies are basing their hiring decisions on the thank you note you write them. (Yes graduates, you need to do that instead of a text message!) It is a wise investment in your employees and children to learn the basics of St. Louis Modern Business and Social Etiquette. So stop flapping that napkin, extending the pinky finger, drinking your soup, asking for ketchup and call us today!

Rob Schaefer
Modern Etiquette Guru and St. Louis Wedding Professional Hall of Fame Inaugural Inductee

Office Staff Holiday Luncheon at The Coronado Ballroom

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

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