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Once Upon A Time…

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

It is with great excitement that I begin this blog.  Like all good journeys, one begins with a single step.  When I look back at the past 19 or so years and the hundreds of brides and clients that have entered my life, I can honestly say that I must have a passion for this business.  I love parties!  I love seeing people enjoy themselves and sharing the moment of their most special occassions. 

Being an Event Specialist has meant dealing with all sorts of people, sometimes calm as cucumbers and others on the verge of hysteria when a flower petal falls on the floor.  Whatever the personalities involved, I believe in the power of love, the strength of faith and that true beauty can be created out of the most simple elements.  I often laugh when people joke about “The Rob Magic”.  I assure you that the magic comes from getting to know my clients and bringing the things most important to them into the light.  Magic is in the details.

I look forward to telling all of you about the beautiful and magical events occuring at the Coronado and beyond.  Thank you for taking this first step with me.