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Dancing with your daughter…

Friday, November 2nd, 2007


This blog is dedicated to Tom Agnew…an amazing man, husband and father.

This has been the year of changes. I don’t think I can recall a time when my faith and hope have been quite so tested. Dear friends have moved on to the next step in God’s plan and others have become ill and struggle to retain both hope and dignity. It has not been easy…for any of us.

I think the amazing thing about hope and the sheer power of will is that it can sustain you when all else fails. Six years ago I had chicken pox as an adult and it left me paralized and disfigured on my left side. Despite a very negative prognosis, I was determined to walk without limping and NOT appear as if I had a stroke. Now granted, the left side of my face doesn’t quite move like the right and I have some hearing issues, but otherwise I have come a long way from that terrified, medicated, drooling man in the hospital. And it was faith that supported me.

Mary Agnew will remain the Golden Bride of 2007. I will never forget the way she looked at her photo shoot standing in the empty ballroom with the golden afternoon light falling on her. Her beautiful hair, eyes and smile spoke of another era and her silk dress sparkled with gold vermicelli beads. Her parents, Tom and Nancy, were so delightful to work with and I was thrilled that Tom was able to attend not only the culinary tasting, but the actual wedding reception. If I ever wanted to witness strength of will, it was watching Tom Agnew. Despite being very ill, he was determined to be at that wedding and dance with his daughter. And he did…

We all want to believe that we will experience the milestones in life such as dancing with our daughter. We hope that we will live a rich and full life and see our children happily married. As I walked through Tom Agnew’s visitation service and gazed at the many photos of his youth, countless friends and family, I witnessed a rich life. I can only hope for the same.
To Mary (Agnew) Moore and husband Jason, I thank you for being such unbelievable clients. I had a blast at your reception! And Mary, I will never forget how stunning you looked for your send off. That little geometric dress was kicking…and Jason looked pretty dashing in his khaki suit. To Nancy Agnew, I simply want to say how how much I admire your strength and compassion.
To my friends who are now struggling with illness, I want you to know that you are in my heart and I am a phone call away. And to those of you that have moved on, I hope you peek in from time to time and witness the incredible celebrations going on at the Coronado.

We are all about milestones.

Rob Schaefer