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The Weisenfels – Tversland Reception 9/16/06

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

*Sally…Sally…Sally. You deserve an award for “Best Mother of the Bride”. From the first moment I met you, I realized what a special person you are. Both you and Kurt made this event so much fun. And you could have walked a Paris runway in your beautiful evening suit that night. You go girl!

Sara and Erik (Bride and Groom) had an amazing wedding reception. Sara told me right off the bat that she wanted ivory and cream tones with accents of chocolate brown. And she had it! The chocolate brown chairs were just enough color to balance out the paler tones. The raw chocolate silk overlays on the accent and sweetheart table were the perfect touches. The giant arrangements of fall branches in distressed copper urns were stunning with masses of hanging votive candles and gave elegance and height to the Ballroom. I could have stared at those all night!

I know that Dr. Weisenfels was worried that guests might not have enough to dine on so I hope the passed hors d’oeuvres, sushi station, four courses, designer wedding cake, lavish dessert station and cordials and chocolates were enough! LOL! Doc, I hope you are proud of the amazing cuilnary experience you gave your guests.

Of all my memories of this magical night, it had to be Dr. Weisenfels toast that will stay with me the rest of my life. It truly was one of the most sincere and beautiful toasts I have ever heard. And when Doc’s voice cracked and he teared up…I think everyone teared up a bit in that sweet moment of stillness.

Sally, I will always remember our debate over wedding favors and the now famous table #17. I think the champagne glass favors looked beautiful!

I will think of you all the next time I raise my glass.

Rob Schaefer

The Austin Wielansky Bar Mitzvah 9/9/2006

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Suprise! I don’t just do fabulous weddings! Sometimes I get to be a kid again and plan wonderful young adult parties. And ladies and gentlemen, this magical event raised the “bar” for all bar and bat mitzvahs.

Maureen (Mo) Wielansky and I met well over a year ago and started the ball rolling. As months went by, I realized that Craig and Maureen were going to create a culinary experience like none other for their guests. And I just adore them both…they were so gracious and encouraged all my “out of the box” concepts and ideas. So we mixed Wielansky Family energy with a little Rob magic and the results were spectacular.

Well… I liked the passed hors d’oeuvres with the white glove service.

the Frozen Seafood Raw Bar created out of carved blocks of ice with Austin’s photos inside featuring Red Snapper Ceviche, Gulf Shrimp and Lobster Tail.

the Italian Risotto Station with three fantastic risottos including a Venetian Black Risotto with elaborate crisps and wafer garnishes.

the Exotic Game Carving Station with Wild Boar, New Zealand Lamb, Pheasant with Fois Gras and Duck.

the Hand rolled Sushi Station with Eel and Salmon.

And then we rang the dinner chimes…

Guests entered the Ballroom transformed into a Sports Arena featuring live commentary from “The Wide World of Austin”. Austin’s favorite colors were used in a brilliant kalidescope of colors. Cobalt blue chair covers featured sport jerseys over the back of each chair. Mylar and floral centerpieces featuring various sport players graced each table. Life size Austin photos were in strategic places about the room.

Guests then dined on Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Beef Tenderloin and Florida Grouper and the AMAZING Chocolate Orange Mousse Bomb with Caramel Sauce.

Austin and his young adult guests were the most well behaved group of young adults we had ever seen. They appreciated every minute, ate every bite and had a ball! Reggie rocked the house with his dance troop and Mr. Austin led the pack on the dance floor. Remember Austin, Rob is the king of smooth moves at the Coronado. Go John Travolta someplace else.

Austin is an amazing young man and I can only hope to have a son as great as he is.

The Family had created a video which made you both laugh and cry…from the costumes to the Saturday Night Live skits, it was the best I have ever seen. Priceless!

That night as I dragged the 20 or so extra pounds I had inhaled home, I giggled my head off thinking over the night’s events…I had also had 3 Smoothie drinks. Maureen and Craig, I wish you had more children! I will miss you all and I salute you for making such a special night for your son and guests.

I know as the guests waddled home, they did too.


Fall Weddings at the Coronado…

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Fall is here. And no, it is not the cooler weather, the leaves changing or the multiple yellow school buses crowding my drive to work that tells me…it’s the phone. The Fall brides are calling.

Every year I am astounded by the level of beautiful fall weddings that are about to unfold at the Coronado. Gone are the soft sherbert tones of Spring and Summer and enter the deeper, richer shades of Fall and Winter. Chef Patrick and the Coronado Culinary Team have been cooking up some major goodies in the old kitchen the past month. Everyday I can smell the rich herbs, spices and fall vegetables simmering, the fall wedding cake samples baking and I can watch my dream of a 29 inch waist get crushed like wine grapes.

I need 2 weeks at Club Slenderella and never enter the Coronado kitchen again.

Fall brides have many options to make their event stand out in the crowd. The best advise I can give you is to not “fight” the season. You do not neccessarily have to use harvest tones in your color scheme, but realize that flowers in those tones are what is in profusion, lovely and available. A warm first course is a unexpected treat for guests and very appropriate to the season…think about a soup, a pasta or a risotto for a first course alternative. And what is with St. Louis brides and the white wedding cake. Yeek! I am glad that my Coronado brides want something heavenly and dessert-like and are not afraid to try new flavors. Remember, you cannot please everyone. You can only please yourself!
I will tell you that from a design stand point, colors this year are gorgeous. From pumpkin orange to cognac, coffee, brick, rust, mustard, eggplant, moss, turqouise and cobalt, Coronado brides are turning on the glamour. For all you 2007 brides, take note of how this is done and why.

We simply want you to have an experience of a lifetime…fabulous catering and event specialist included.

The holidays are around the corner…

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

As most people know, I love to entertain. I have had a knack for it my entire life and much to my father’s horror, I traded my G.I. Joe with my sister for her Easy Bake oven. While she went off to combat, I made us a lovely lunch. I can still see our little play house with its blue siding and yellow window boxes. I could set a mean table in those days with my little plastic plates and glasses. Now when I am asked to do a seminar on entertaining or a television appearance, I always try to incorporate something for children.

This past May, I was honored when St. Louis Magazine At Home and Neiman Marcus asked me to conduct a seminar on Contemporary Entertaining. It really allowed me to get out of the box and show ideas that work in the modern, urban home. It was standing room only and I had a blast! I have had so much fun hearing from various guests and getting their fun e-mails. I am glad that so many ideas have worked out for so many people.


On October 26, 2006, I will be conducting the “Holiday Entertaining with Rob Schaefer” Seminar. Once again, it will be held at Neiman Marcus starting at 5:30PM. I hope many of you can attend. Steve and Kathy Becker will be providing more yummy, exciting hors d’oeuvres and specialty holiday drinks for your enjoyment.  Please RSVP by calling Neiman Marcus at 994-5022.
Fall and Holiday time is my favorite time of year. I love the holidays! I get to use all the decorative “goo” that I have amassed through the year and bring out all my beloved entertaining pieces. Now is the time for everyone to decide on dates for their holiday parties and call us to cater them!  314-367-6050.

I’m sure that I will be on most of your guest lists again this year and I hope you won’t be crushed if I happen to be working that night and unable to attend. I do add a certain glamour to any event with my sparkling personality and kicky outfits. With or without me, planning and booking your caterer now will ensure an effortless party for you in December.

And if you need a little Rob inspiration, I hope you can stop in and see me on October 26th.  Please RSVP so everyone will have a seat!
As Kathy Becker always says, “It’s not the steak, it’s the sizzle!” .

And I sizzle.